Four Reasons Why Bengals Don’t Make Good Pets

Bengals are cats that are often purchased for their magnificent appearance. A choice of spots and stripes give them that exotic look that you often only find on a wild cat and seldom on a domestic cat. These cats are best left to knowledgeable cat owners, as they can be quite handful as their years of ancestry comes out in their behavior.

Wild But Not Ferocious

Bengals tend to be on the wilder site than the normal and placid domestic cats. All cats are inquisitive, playful and mischievous, but Bengals take this to the extreme. For some people they are too much of a handful even during play. They have the Reputation to be one of the most difficult cat breeds to own and are often taken purely for their appearance; the unsuspecting owners never knew what hit them.

You can learn a bit more about Bengals online, do an online search the same as you would for pikalaina or Dentist Directory and read as much as possible before deciding to bring one of these magnificent creatures into your home.

Reckless Behavior

Before you bring a Bengal cat into your home you may want to get a selection of insurance quotes. These cats are naughty, mischievous, and active and enjoy running. Due to this they can do serious damage in a house, they climb onto furniture and get into some precarious situations, often damaging furniture and household appliances, curtains and carpets.

They are not the easiest cat to litter train either and if you ever let their litter box get even slightly dirty, your new rug may become the new litter box. Bringing a Bengal home is like buying coconut oil for hair, if you aren’t prepared to carry it out completely, you are bound by disappointing results.

Bengals are Vocal

If you love the idea of curling up on the sofa with your fluffy cat and watching TV in the evenings as your cat quietly purrs into your ear, Bengals are not for you. While these are not overly affectionate cats, they are exceptionally noisy. They love to be heard and are very vocal. So if you expect peace and quiet in your home, your Bengal is not going to give it to you.

Very much like the Siamese b reed, Bengals will talk loudly all day long, so when purchasing one of these cats you need to take this into consideration and ensure the noise fits into your relax time.

One Man Cat

What many people don’t realize is that Bengals are very much like dogs, if you can imagine Labrador Retrievers in a cat body, you have a Bengal. The difference is that Bengals are one man cats; they will take a shine to one member of the family and demand constant attention from that member. Think of a client url that needs work on a daily basis, that is a Bengal. They cannot be left alone for extended periods of time, they can cause severe damage, as a dog would that was suffering from separation anxiety.

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