Wish list

Below is a list of items* that we always need for the kitties:

Paper towels
Trash bags & large zip lock baggies
Disinfectant Spray cleaner (such as Clorox)
Clorox Bleach
Furry blankies
Cat toys
Cat food (for the adoptable kitties in the Kitty Lodge, and also for the feral colonies that Terry cares for)
Litter (we can use any brand you give us, but prefer Arm & Hammer scoopable because it clumps well and is less dusty than some of the other brands, and so this cuts down on the litter dust in the kitties’ rooms)
Bird seed for the bird feeders outside of the kitties’ windows 🙂
Revolution and Advantage Multi for cats
We can also use cat carriers and humane traps that are in good shape (don’t want any escapees!)