Tips for Dog Lovers

The “canis lupus familiaris” or commonly known as “dog” is affectionately considered as man’s best friend. The dog is one of the most intelligent and easily trainable animals. Because they are dependable for a diverse range of tasks, dogs are employed in all sorts of jobs. They are used in law enforcement for detecting bombs, explosives, drugs, and for searching missing persons. They are used as guides for blind and physically challenged persons. More importantly, they are one of the best stress-relievers as they make any exhausted person feel relaxed or happy by just cuddling them. To maintain their pleasant disposition, dogs must be well taken care of. Let us consider some useful tips for all dog lovers out there.

First of all, if you are considering buying a pet dog for the very first time, it is best that you know beforehand the different breeds of dogs. If you know some friends who are dog owners, you may ask them for suggestions. It is best that you buy a dog from a very reliable source, such as a pet store with an unquestionable reputation. Do not buy dogs from just anywhere. Chances are, they might have already some diseases.

Before even buying your pet dog, you had better prepare the habitat or the environment that your dog will be eventually living in. Like humans, dogs need a comfortable space in which to play, sleep, and eat. If you have a safe place outside your home, then you might consider building a dog house. If you want your dog to live inside your house, then find a dry and cozy spot for the newest resident of your home. Be ready though and have the patience to clean up afterwards your dog’s secretions that may be left anywhere in the house.

You can always tell if your dog is healthy. If your dog is happily running around playfully all over the place, then your dog is in tip-top shape. If your dog is always lazily lying in some corner, chances are there’s something wrong with your pet. Take good care of your dog’s health. Feed your dog only nutritious foods and avoid giving your dog any spoiled left over. You may invest in some dog vitamins and a regular check-up to the nearest veterinarian.

Can’t stand a stinking and dirty dog? Then give your dog a regular dose of daily bath and grooming. With all those fur and hair, your dog can easily get all kinds of pests living in its body. Dog lice can be easily killed or removed by dog shampoo or some form of solution. Ask your favorite vet for the best solution to keep your dog lice-free.

Remember that your dog is an intelligent and teachable animal. Go out of your way to have your dog trained by a professional. To get more information on how to teach your dog some new tricks, you may ask your dog’s vet to refer you to a good dog trainer.

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