What Kind of Cat is Right for You?

Before a person gets to adopt a cat, they need to know several things so as to enjoy the pet they choose. The choice ranges from getting a male or a female cat; kitten or an old cat; pure breed or mixed breed among other things. An individual’s personality plays a big role in determining the type of cat they would ant to have. The term ‘right’ largely depends on the person adopting the cat; one man’s meat is anther mans poison! This is just like a person using coconut oil for best anti wrinkle cream while another would have nothing with it.

Psychologists agree that the first big step is to determine whether one is really ready for a cat; some equate adopting a cat with getting into a marriage. This is just like bachelors in criminal justice graduating into marriage! There is further consensus that the fact that cat are sentient beings means that no one really owns the cat hence cats are more of a family member instead of collectible.

Once that point is noted, it is important to know that there isn’t much difference in terms of personality between a male and a female cat. It is noted that unneutered male cats will eventually fight for territory when they are outside the house and while inside they tend to mark their territory through spreading their scent on the walls and curtains. They also make a lot of noise during their season. However, when they are spayed they greatly show a positive change. This change is just like visiting San Pedro dentist for a teeth makeover!

Some people fall in love with pure breed cats. A Norwegian Forest male cat weighs approximately 16 pounds while the female of the same breed weighs about 12 pounds; this factor makes them the favorable choice where children are considered and also for those that have never owned a cat previously. They are also good with other kinds of pet and they are able to adapt very fast to different environments than most other breeds. This kind of breed is not easily stressed. Cats are known to suffer from stress! This is just like men who sell boats in highland areas; there are not many buyers!

It is also noted that cats do have personalities which affect the way they deal especially with small children. Cats that require high class environments like pearland air conditioning may not be favorable for children invested homes. Thus the choice of the cat bred should be tolerable to rough handling as this will occur often when there are children. This is just like a person operating carpet cleaning New York and at the same time running car battery UK. The cats should be just like the blackberry bold 9000 battery that constantly visits Κατασκευή E-Shop.

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